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The original Flat Roof Specialists. If you’ve been looking for the best industrial roofing contractors in Austin, Houston, San Antonio or the DFW Metroplex, we believe that you have just found your roofer. Request a free roofing estimate from one of the top roofing companies in Texas.

*** Hurricane Harvey Commercial Clients ***

We are ready to provide you a free commercial roofing inspection. We know how important it is to get your roof looked at right away. Please call our Houston number 281-595-ROOF
*** Hurricane Harvey Commercial Clients ***

There is no cost and no obligation. Receive your expert roof consultation today. Our certified professionals will put together a report on your roof’s current condition and provide you with options for roof repair, overlay or roof replacement. Take advantage of our expert understanding of commercial roofing systems to help you choose the option that is right for you.

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Lone Star is Texas’ Roofer


Texas roofers face a unique set of circumstances considering the extreme weather conditions we deal with. It may be 75 degrees one day and over 100 the next. You might wake up to clear skies in the morning and go to bed under a Tornado Watch. Sometimes we have floods and droughts all in the same season.

Some roofing systems originally designed to protect buildings in the great cities across the Northeastern United States don’t stand a chance here. Take old school EPDM systems for example. These black rubber roofs are inexpensive and great for melting snow but in Texas they just don’t make sense. We need to focus on strategies to beat the heat.

Please browse the above link to learn more about our company and the various ways we strive to maintain excellence. Find out why Lone Star is Texas’ Roofer!

Roofing Services

Elastomeric Roof Coatings

The Roofing Services section explains the specialized services and products that Lone Star offers. Whether you are looking for roof replacement, roof repair, maintenance services or only consultation; Lone Star is the “go to” commercial roofing service in the Austin and Cedar Park Metroplex. Learn about the optimized systems we use to assess your unique situation and how we leverage this expertise to prescribe the very best options available. Browse the link above to see how we focus on your priorities to deliver pragmatic, value based solutions.

Roofing Estimates

Get a free roofing estimate for any of our services by browsing this link. We will send a professional out at your convenience to make a careful assessment of your unique situation and offer full consultation with options – at no cost. We lay it all on the table and let you choose what the best fit is for you.

There’s no risk and no obligation. The consultation and bids are free. You have nothing to lose but the chance to find the last roofing contractors you will ever need. Call us or contact us via email. You will get a response from one of our local, commercial roofing experts in minutes. Contact Mario@FlatRoofSpecialist.net to get your roofing quote.

Call: 281-595-ROOF in Houston

Call: 512-920-3747 in Austin

Call: 972-441-ROOF in Dallas

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